Kristi Yamaguchi Wins
The American Idol and Dancing With The Stars Competitions were both prepared to come to an end this week. Idol will have to wait until Wednesday to crown a champion, but Dancing With The Stars crowned theirs on Tuesday night.

Kristi Yamaguchi had the odds against her coming into the finals. Although score wise she was the leader, she still had an uphill battle. After several men have won the competition, Yamaguchi was trying to beat the odds and claim the title.

She did that on Tuesday night. Yamaguchi was voted as the champion by viewers, leaving
Jason Taylor and Cristian de la Fuentes wondering what could have been. Both men appeared flustered with the judges scores in the finals on Monday.

Taylor will now go back and try to mend his relationship with his employer, the Miami Dolphins. While he claims there is no rift, fans in Miami have been hearing for weeks about an apparent battle between Bill Parcells and Taylor.

As for Tuesday night, it belonged to Yamaguchi. She was the most consistent all season, and once again on Monday night. She out danced her competition, and now will be forever linked with the show as a champion.