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Dancing With The Stars Results: And The Winner Is...
By Maggie Rinestone
Published on 05/20/2008
The Dancing With The Stars Results have been tabulated and the winner will be revealed on tonight's live finale. The fans have spoken and the winner will be....

Taylor And De la Fuentes Frustrated By Scores
Dancing With The Stars for this season has reached the end of its journey. Viewers have watched all of the story lines unfold, and have voted for their favorite contestants. The only thing left to do is watch the results and find out who will become the winner.

Fans all over the country already have a strong sense of who is going to win. Kristi Yamaguchi has been the most consistent out of all the dancers this season. She did nothing in the finale last night to make viewers vote for either of the men.

The judges did their part in making sure voters would chose Yamaguchi. They ridiculed the two men and their performances, while praising Yamaguchi. They even went as far as to continually compare the other dancers to Yamaguchi.

At certain parts of the show, both Jason Taylor and Cristian de la Fuentes appeared frustrated with the scores they received. Whether it was because they felt they performed better, or just because they knew they were going to be beaten, the frustration showed.

Tonight, most likely America will find out that Yamaguchi will become champion, unless, of course, voters decided to give one of the men a reprieve.