David Archuleta
American Idol will conclude its season this week, and the outcome is still up in the air going into the finale. Both contestants have a legitimate shot at walking away with the title.

Two facts have been determined through the competition up to this point. David Cook has done a strong job as the show's resident rocker. David Archuleta, meanwhile, will not be looking for any fast student loans in the future.

Archuleta has done enough in the competition vocally to ensure that when and if he decides that college is the place for
him, he will not need student loans to attend. He jumped out fast at the beginning of the competition, and has paced himself for the rest of the way.

David Cook, on the other hand, started slowly and then increased his performances week after week. Eventually he rose to such a level that he was on a fast pace to the finals.

The two contestants will have to be at their best if they are to win and become the next American Idol. Cook is favored to win, but Archuleta has been near perfect vocally week after week. The final showdown will be Tuesday night at 8:00 on FOX.