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Dancing With The Stars Preview: Kristi Yamaguchi Favored
By Lou Baker
Published on 05/18/2008
The Dancing With The Stars reality television series has reached the end. The two night finally begins tomorrow, and only three contestants have a chance to become the next winner.

History Says Taylor Has A Chance To Win
Dancing With The Stars has reached the end of its rope. The reality show is close to crowning a new champion, and Monday begins the first of two nights of the finals.

Kristi Yamaguchi has been the superior performer so far this season, but that does not guarantee a championship. She is being challenged by a sports star, and that has led to success in the past.

Jason Taylor is following in the list of athletes that have made it through the competition. Taylor has many fans, and a couple of strong performances could lead him to winning the event.

Cristian de la Fuentes is the third participant in the finals. He has been gathering support since injuring himself several weeks ago on the show. He is picking up votes from people who find him to be courageous to be continuing on.

In the end, it should come down to Yamaguchi and Taylor. Yamaguchi is the favorite, but Taylor has the fan base. Monday will begin the journey to find out which one will be crowned the champion.