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Senator Ted Kennedy was airlifted to the hospital overnight and speculation as to the reason of the emergency is still running abound. The latest news released in a statement to the media states that Senator Kennedy is being examined for possible stroke symptoms.

Senator Kennedy is the second most senior member of the United States Senate. He is 76 years old and has a long medical history, starting with a plain crash in 1964 that left him with an ailing back. He is constantly in the news for his liberal views and his latest mainstream media
blitz has been in the promotion of Senator Barack Obama for president.

Kennedy was taken to the hospital via helicopter in the early morning hours on Saturday. Kennedy's spokeswoman, Stephanie Cutter, confirmed in a statement that the elder senator went to Cape Cod Hospital early Saturday morning "after feeling ill at his home."

She says that after discussion with his doctors in Boston, Kennedy was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for further examination. She says he is under evaluation and that information will be released as it becomes available.