Cook And Archuleta
American Idol has reached the end of the road for this season. There are only two contestants left, and this is one of those seasons where the winner will be nearly impossible to call until the performances are complete Tuesday.

While the two David's, Cook and Archuleta, enter into their final preparations for the finale, the eight of the other finalists have already turned their attention to the American Idol tour coming up this summer.

This week on the live show, the battle that many fans have been waiting
for the whole season will take place. Archuleta and Cook have been co-favorites for much of the season, and this head to head battle has seemed inevitable for the past few weeks.

It will be a sharp contrast in styles. Archuleta goes more for the heartfelt, slow ballads, while Cook brings his rugged rock angle to many of his performances.

Once the show is completed this week, the Idols will then join the other finalists in preparing for the tour. American Idol tour tickets will be hard to come by with such a talented group embarking on the tour.