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Angelina Jolie was forced into confirming to the world that she was pregnant with Brad Pitt's twins. Jack Black helped her along with that admission in an interview the two were doing at the Cannes Film Festival.

Now that she has confirmed the twins are on their way, she is being hit with all the usual baby questions. Two of which she hinted at the answer to.

When and where the babies will be born will be information that people will be desperately trying to find out. Jolie gave hints on both while still at the festival.

have linked the babies to be born in France. When asked about those reports, Jolie says the couple has not decided.

The couple have already begun teaching their other children to speak French, and they also have been looking for a residence in France. They are said to be having the baby in France in honor of Jolie's French-Canadian mother who passed away last year.

The due date August 19th was mentioned as the due date by The Today Show's Natalie Morales. She told Matt Lauer that she was told in a separate interview of the potential birth date.