Shayne Lamas
'The Bachelor: London Calling' wrapped up this week, and much to the surprise of some fans, Shayne Lamas emerged as the winner. She beat out her competition for Matt Grant's heart, but some believe she was out to find fame, not love.

Throughout this year's 'Bachelor', it was apparent at several times that Lamas was looking for the spotlight to be on her. Somehow, she convinced Grant that her motives were real and that she was looking for love. A love she claims she found.

Her father, actor Lorenzo Lamas, agrees with many fans of the
show. He feels his daughter was out for the fame that the show would bring.

"She wants to be a good actress, but she wants to be a star more. This was her opportunity to be on television, right? I mean, come on," Lamas told Grant on the episode where the parents met 'The Bachelor'.

Now that the show has ended, there is more speculation that Shayne is just out for publicity. She has been on the cover of 'Girls Gone Wild' magazine, and her shoot inside is an attention getter. If the first move after the show is an indication, fans might have been right in calling her bluff.