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Michael Moore to Release New Documentary as Follow Up to 'Fahrenheit 911'
By Lou Baker
Published on 05/14/2008
Michael Moore has been working on a new film that will serve as a follow up to his classic documentary, 'Fahrenheit 911'. In order to keep from being seen as a politically motivated film it will not be released until next year, after the presidential elections.

Michael Moore to Release New Documentary Next Year
Producers for liberal filmmaker, Michael Moore, announced today that he will be releasing a new documentary that will serve as a follow to 'Fahrenheit 911'. The producers kept much of what the new Moore documentary will be about secret, but said it would be "a searing and provocative follow-up" to "Fahrenheit 9/11."

The award winning director will not be releasing the film until after the new year. He is waiting to release the film so that he can avoid critics who may say the film is politically motivated.

It has been revealed that Moore's new work will focus on the last eight years, those following 911. The new industrialized position of the United States in the world will be the film's general theme.

The film will feature Moore's typical documentary format. It has been said that it will blend archival footage, humour, research and segments featuring the controversial star himself.