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Barack Obama has had a rough couple of months. He has had to answer some difficult questions regarding his former Reverend. He also has had to dodge attacks from the Clinton campaign.

He has come through the storm strong, and now appears headed towards being the Democratic nominee for President. Today there is a primary in West Virginia, and although Hillary Clinton is going to win, she still is falling further behind Obama.

The Clinton campaign has taken the focus off of the general
population vote, and also the number of delegates both candidates have received. They have been focusing on the superdelegates count.

That strategy is looking bleak. Obama took the lead in superdelegates over the weekend. he also is picking up more and more superdelegate support with every passing day.

The Democrats appear ready to move on to focusing on the November election, and with each superdelegate that commits to Obama, the party gets closer to knowing who their candidate will be to opposes Republican John McCain.