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Dancing With The Stars has become a cultural phenomenon in America much like American Idol. The show has devoted fans who tune in to see the drama of stars learning to dance.

Sometimes, when the dancing becomes heated, like much of the routines on the live shows, it could end up in romance. That has been the case for Shannon Elizabeth.

The movie star turned poker player was sent home from the Dancing With The Stars competition a couple of weeks ago. The experience has brought something into the life of Elizabeth. A boyfriend.

Many were
left to wonder if the romance between Elizabeth and Derek Hough was just a plan to help the two stay on the show. Now, however, there time on the show is long gone, and they are reported to be living together.

"Shannon Elizabeth doesn't like to live alone, and Derek is at her house all the time now anyway, playing with her dogs and watching movies, so it's no big deal for him to move some of his stuff in," a source told Star Magazine.

While the romance continues to bloom between Elizabeth and Hough, the rest of the remaining contestants will be back on the live stage tonight on ABC.