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American Idol has many different ways to create pressure for their contestants. While it is not done intentionally, these pressure situations happen naturally for Idol wannabees.

David Archuleta is only seventeen years old, and no matter how brilliant he can be vocally, he still needs help with his routines. That is where his father has come in.

Jeff Archuleta has been instrumental in helping with the arrangements for David's songs. So much so, in fact, that he has gone overboard. He is now been banned by Idol
producers from the rehearsals.

The move comes after the show warned him several times about interfering. In last week's episode, he encouraged David to use a part from Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girls'. The show told Jeff not to use the song, and he encouraged David to use it anyway.

Now, Archuleta will have to go through the final two weeks without the help of his father at rehearsals.

While the Archuleta controversy has been taking place, Syesha Mercado and David Cook have been preparing for their showdown with Archuleta on Tuesday night.