Jenna Bush
While President Bush is dealing with approval ratings that are at an all time low, he did have something to be proud about on Saturday. Hi daughter, Jenna, was to be married.

Jenna Bush has her wedding ceremony today on her dad's 1,600 acre ranch near Crawford, Texas. The President will take a break from running the country to attend.

"This is the time when the wildflowers are all blooming. And I think it will be a very, very lovely wedding,
and it will be very like Jenna and Henry," said Laura Bush, the first lady.

The attendance of the president has caused some of Jenna's friends to be left off the guest list. "The only information I've received is that there are a number of Jenna's lose friends who are not being invited to this wedding because, according to them, she would be afraid of their behavior," said Doug Wead, a former aide to President Bush.

The wedding is set to commence early this evening.