Barack Obama
The Democratic process to find the nominee for President is coming into its final stages. As the end gets nearer, Barack Obama seems to be getting closer to being the winner.

Friday was a key day for the Senator from Illinois. Hillary Clinton has been clinging to the idea that she could win the nomination should the decision come down to superdelegates. That is no longer looking like the case.

Obama pulled ahead of Clinton on Friday in pledged superdelegates. He totaled nine for the day, but more importantly,
took one away from Clinton.

Ed Espinoza from California, Wilber Lee Jeffcoat from South Carolina, and endorsements from superdelegates in New Mexico and Hawaii were added to the Obama camp. Thursday, Obama took away Donald Payne from New Jersey, who had originally pledged his support for Clinton.

When he changed his allegiance Thursday, he said it was "one of the most difficult decisions I have made." Many Democrats are calling for Clinton to drop out of the race, so the party can unite and focus on defeating the Republicans in the Fall.