David Chase
David Chase is the creator of one of the most popular and critically acclaimed series' of all time. The Sopranos was a masterpiece that will be tough to follow.

Chase has now decided to try and take some of the Sopranos genius to the big screen. He has inked a deal with Paramount Pictures to enter into the world of movies.

Chase will write, produce and direct his first attempt at a major motion picture. It is not yet known what the movie will be, but Soprano fans, don't
get your hopes up.

There has been no talk of continuing the Sopranos saga in the movies, although Chase did leave the option open when he ended the series. The success he had with the Sopranos will be hard to duplicate in theaters.

The deal with Paramount comes with the help of Chases co producer, and current Paramount chairman, Brad Gray. "Brad has always been adventurous as a producer and looked for different ways of doing things. I look forward to once again working with him, and now his team," aid Chase.