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If American idol would have revealed who has been the top two vote getter's every week, there is a good chance that David Archuleta and David Cook would be 1-2 every week.

The order might not always be the same, but the two David's have had their way with the competition so far. Now they just need to see Syesha Mercado to the door, and they will face off in a much anticipated finale.

Mercado has some major work to do if she is going to crack through and eliminate one of the guys. It will take two brilliant
performances, and that may not even be enough.

Archuleta and Cook have been nearly flawless for much of the live shows. Archuleta stumbled early during one of the Beatles weeks by forgetting the lyrics. since then, he has received high praise from the judges.

This past week, all three of the performers that are left sang well. With only one week left until the finals, the perspectives of the three contestants will be much different. Archuleta and Cook will just be trying to hold serve, while Mercado will be looking to pull a major upset.