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Chris Brown And Rihanna Romance Rumors Heating Up
By Brian Andrews
Published on 05/8/2008
Chris Brown has been linked to Rihanna romantically before. The rumors are heating up once again, but this time it is Rihanna herself who is fueling the couple talk.

Cris Brown Bodyguards Accused Of Assault By Florida Photographer
Chris Brown and Rihanna he been linked together romantically before. The couple talk is once again heating up, only this time it is Rihanna herself who is fueling the talk.

Rihanna told Elle magazine that the two have become "very close" lately. The two have always been friends, but there have been rumors in the past of the two being an item.

Rihanna did nothing to squash those rumors by telling Elle, "We've always been friends. But we're very close now." The two have gone out of their way to make sure nobody finds out about their relationship, if there is one, in the past.

In the meantime, Brown has found himself in the middle of a controversy. A photographer from Florida has accused Brown's bodyguards of assault. Luis Santana from the Tampa Times Tribune claims he had permission to take pictures outside of the Vintage Ultra Lounge.

He claims, however, that Brown's bodyguards chased after him, threw him to the ground, and took his camera. He was trying to get pictures of both Brown and Rihanna together. they were at the club celebrating Brown's nineteenth birthday.