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Hillary Clinton did not receive the boost she was looking for in primaries in North Carolina and Indiana on Tuesday. As a result, she is facing increased pressure from within her party to drop out of the presidential race and unite the Democrats.

Today, Clinton lost another big endorsement after former Michigan Rep. and director of John Edwards presidential campaign, David Bonior, gave his endorsement to Senator Barack Obama.

Clinton has not been as aggressive with her speeches since losing big in North Carolina
and inching out a victory in Indiana. She i starting to sound like a candidate who knows the end is near.

Many Democrats are now urging Clinton to step aside for the good of the party. The focus needs to shift to defeating John McCain in November. As of yet, Clinton has yet to concede the nomination and has vowed to continue the process.

Reports have also surfaced that Clinton could be Obama's running mate in November, should he win the nomination. That could be the reason Clinton has eased up on the aggression as of late, according to some experts.