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Dancing With The Stars celebrated their 100th show on Tuesday night. The show had many of their former contestants in the audience or on the stage. Even with all the excitement, someone had to be eliminated.

That someone turned out to be R&B singer Mario. He was joined by Jason Taylor as the last two contestants to find their fate. Taylor was safe, and Mario would no longer be part of the competition.

Christian De la Fuentes performed to a routine that was favorable to his good arm after rupturing a tendon in his bicep last week. The performance was good enough to buy him another week.

Kristy Yamaguchi and Marissa Jaret Winokur also survived the latest elimination. In the end, Mario will be left to wonder what could have been.

The show itself was a celebration of the 100 episodes that have been completed. Many former contestants were in the audience, and several of them performed. Mario Lopez was one of the performers that took the stage to dance.

The show resumes next week with the semi-final round.