Britney Spears Concert
Britney Spears has now gone a couple of months without being in the news for anything negative. That is a welcomed change for the former pop star. Now she is trying to get back into her children's lives.

Spears was in court on Tuesday for a custody hearing that she hopes will lead to more time with her children. Just the fact she showed up to court is a step in the right direction.

Spears lost almost all control of her children after
failing to show up for several court dates. Since then, she has begun to put her life back in order.

Spears is trying to convince the court that she has, indeed, turned her life around over the past two months. As a result, she is expected to ask for more time with her children.

Back in February, Kevin Federline, who has custody of the two's children, agreed to let Spears see the children more often, with supervision. The hearing on Tuesday was a closed door affair.