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The Police have been embarking on a reunion tour for the past year, and it is getting close to the end for the group. They have announced that they will play their last concert in New York City.

The band will be playing their final concert to benefit arts programming for the city's public television stations. The idea of coming back and ending in New York was intriguing to the band.

"We kicked off our very first American tour at CBGB's in 1978 and this summer, 30
years later, our journey will come full circle as we play our final show here in New York City," said The Police, in a statement.

The band reunited last year and has been touring ever since. Billboard data reveals that the group has done fifty three shows, and has played to over 1.5 million people. They have grossed over $171 million on the tour.

Their last show in Britain will be on June 29th, at Hyde Park in London. The date and the location for the show in New York has not yet been determined.