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American Idol is getting close to the end. After spending a weekend enjoying Las Vegas, the Idols are once again back in Hollywood to continue on their quests to be the next American Idol.

This week, there are only four contestants left standing. Two of which, David Cook and David Archuleta, are considered by many to be the favorites to make it to the finale.

The other two, Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado, will be performing to keep themselves from being eliminated.
It would take two tremendous weeks of performances for either of these two to slip past the favorites into the finale.

Archuleta and Cook have been hearing high praise from the judges throughout the competition. Mercado and Castro have both avoided elimination from the bottom group several times.

With just two weeks left until the finals are set, one slip up could cost these four a chance at their dream of becoming the American Idol for this season. The show airs Tonight at 8:00 P.M. on FOX.