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Harrison Ford was much younger the last time he played action hero Indiana Jones. The role is once again Ford's, and little has changed in his enthusiasm for the part.

Indiana Jones will be headlining a summer filled with action movie releases. Chances are, that the wait for the public may have been worth it for the new Indiana Jones movie, according to producer George Lucas and Director Steven Spielberg.

"People have been salivating over the possibility of another sequel for years, and you always heard on the Internet of scripts that had
been created then shut down. (Spielberg and Lucas) had some trouble agreeing on a script, and they finally found one they loved. They guaranteed that people would love it, so I think it will be the biggest earner of the year," said movie reviewer, Lane Blevins.

'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' is not the only action movie set for release this summer. 'The Incredible Hulk' will come out on June 13th, and 'Iron Man' is opening this weekend.

August 15th will bring moviegoers 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars', which is the first animation adaptation of the popular series.