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When contestants get this far into the American Idol competition, producers need to do things to help the finalists balance their nerves. Saturday night served as one of those tension breaker sessions for the final four.

David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado, David Cook, and Jason Castro, were treated to a trip to Las Vegas over the weekend. The four finalists spent Saturday with VIP treatment. They attended a performance of the Beatles''Love', which was being performed by Cirque Du Soleil.

When the weekend ended, it was time to go back to work
for the Idols. They will once again be performing live on Tuesday night, and with only four left, it will be important that they are at their best.

Cook and Archuleta are still the front runners in the competition, neither of the two have ever been in the bottom two yet this season. Mercado and Castro will have to put on above average performances to stay in the competition.

Mercado has been dodging bullets the whole year. She has been in the bottom two several times, but has yet to be eliminated. Footage from the idols trip to Las Vegas will be shown on the results show on Wednesday night.