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Lindsay Lohan To Join 'Ugly Betty'
By Max Williams
Published on 05/5/2008
Lindsay Lohan is making her way back into the spotlight much like Brittany Spears has. She will be featured on a highly popular television show. Lohan will be on the show 'Ugly Betty', for not only one episode, but six.

Lohan Might End Up In eight Episodes Next Season
Lindsay Lohan might have been jealous of Brittany Spears' appearance on 'How I Met Your Mother'. The former Disney star has decided that she will appear on a highly rated television show herself.

Lohan has reportedly reached an agreement with producers to appear on the hit show 'Ugly Betty'. Her role will be a former high school friend of the show's star character, Betty, played by America Ferrara.

Lohan will not only appear on the season finale on May 22nd, but according to Variety.com, might end up in five more episodes next season.

Lohan will not be the first star to have a cameo on the show. Naomi Campbell will be appearing on the finale, and Victoria Beckham has already been on the show.

The work might not be temporary for Lohan. TVGuide.com has reported that she could end up in eight episodes of 'Ugly Betty'.

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