Shanna Moakler Shoulder
Shanna Moakler is an ex-Playboy centerfold who is currently a reality television star. She has something in common with Rob and Sheryl Lowe. They both have employed Laura Boyce as their nanny's.

The job has turned out differently at each household, according to Boyce. She has accused the Lowe's of sexual harassment in the time that she worked for them.

Moakler has had no problems with Boyce, and is willing to let people know of her intentions. "I've been friends with Laura for the past ten years, before she was my nanny, and
I completely stand by her," Moakler told PEOPLE.

Moakler became a reality television star when she and her then husband, Travis Barker, had a show that detailed the zany life that the two lived together while they were married. Boyce even appeared on the show Meet The Barkers, according to a source.

Boyce has alleged that Sheryl Lowe used to walk around the house naked, and had sexually suggestive conversations with the nanny. The Lowe's have denied the claim, and Sheryl has called the allegations, "sickening."

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