Uma Thurman Gazing
Uma Thurman is doing her best to get through the trial of a fan that is accused of stalking the movie star. Yesterday, Thurman broke down when discussing the events that led to the arrest.

On Friday, the alleged stalker was painting a different picture, one of remorse that he scared Thurman. He claimed he did not realize he was scaring the movie star.

"I was not trying to scare her in any way," he said. His testimony contradicts the facts. He stayed out front of her house for a week before he was arrested. He also wrote her damaging letters.

was completely freaked out. It was almost like a nightmare. It was scary," Thurman said of a drawing of an open grave. the picture had a man standing on the edge of a razor. Thurman broke down crying at one point in her testimony on Thursday.

The man took time to try and explain the meaning of the picture to the jury on Friday, claiming he "felt I was walking on a razor's edge." The trial continues on with the man charged with aggravated harassment and stalking, charges that could land him in jail for up to a year.

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