Dennis Rodman Stoic
Dennis Rodman has done many things over the course of his life. Somethings he can be proud of, like winning NBA championships. Other, might embarrass Rodman, such as his arrest on Wednesday night for alleged domestic violence.

It has been confirmed that Rodman was arrested on Wednesday night. According to police, Rodman hit a woman, causing injuries to the woman's arms. On Thursday, Rodman was released from jail on $50,000 bail.

This is not the first time Rodman has been in trouble because of domestic violence. He has been arrested before for hitting his fiancee on her lip in 2003. His history of domestic
violence has also caused his divorce to Michelle Moyer, according to her.

While people try to sort out what exactly happened, Rodman's manager was quick to point out Rodman's struggles since a recent divorce. "He's been really heartbroken about it, and it hasn't been a great time for him," Steve Simon.

The woman was bruised by Rodman after an altercation at a hotel, according to Simon. "I'm kind of waiting for the facts to unfold because it's really uncharacteristic for him," said Simon. He also claims that Rodman has been stressed over not being able to see his children after his divorce.

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