David Blaine Staring
David Blaine is no stranger to doing stunts that defy logic. He has held his breath in the past for long periods of time. On Wednesday, he set a world record for the feat.

Blaine went on 'The Oprah Winfrey Program' and attempted to break the world record for breath-holding. Blaine needed the assistance of filling his lungs with pure oxygen before the attempt.

Winfrey appeared concerned for most of the time Blaine was holding his breath. She was pleased when he came out
of the stunt unharmed.

The new record that he set was seventeen minutes and four seconds that Blaine remained underwater. He had tried the feat before, only to end up unconscious.

Several different techniques were used by Blaine to train for the event. This type of feat takes not only training, but execution of mind over body control. When Blaine came out of the sphere he was in, he exclaimed to Winfrey, "I was pretty much here the whole time."

Photo Copyright: PR Photos