Rob And Sheryl Lowe Posing
Rob Lowe is finding that the legal system is not getting any kinder to his family. Lowe has already been accused of sexual harassment by a former nanny. Now, People is reporting that a second former nanny is accusing Lowe's wife of sexual harassment.

Lowe's wife, Sheryl, now faces a counter suit in California where, Laura Boyce, the couple's former nanny, has filed the suit. The suit alleges misconduct on Sheryl's part.

According to the complaint, Sheryl Lowe made the working environment
hostile while Boyce worked for the couple in 2007. She worked for them for seven months.

Boyce claims that Sheryl asked her about her boyfriend's private parts. She also claims that Lowe spoke of her sexual relationship with husband Rob.

The counter suit comes in response to the Lowe's filing lawsuits that claim they were the victims of an attempted extortion. In addition to the sexual harassment claim, Boyce also accused the couple of wrongful termination.

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