Brooke White Eliminated
American Idol rolls on, and as with any competition, the eliminations get tougher the closer they get to the end. Another Idol, Brooke White, fell victim to viewer votes on Wednesday night.

White had been flirting with elimination for several weeks. Her performance on Tuesday night did not help her cause.

The judges did not like her performances, and it put her in a vulnerable position with voters. While she has escaped elimination in the past, this time it was not
to be.

The bottom two came down to White, and Syesha Mercado. Not many would have been surprised if either of them went home. Mercado had been on the brink of elimination herself on more than one occasion.

This time, as has been the case with the other times she was in the bottom two, Mercado survived. That left White to sing her final song on the show, I Am, I Said. The contest resumes next week with the top four battling for three spots.

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