Kobe Bryant Smiling
Kobe Bryant has received criticism his whole career. First, people accused him of running Shaq out of Los Angeles. More recently, he was accused of being spoiled when he demanded a trade last off season.

Now, with the NBA playoffs getting deeper, Bryant may soon find people calling him something else. Champion.

The Los Angeles Lakers had no problems in their first round match up with the Denver Nuggets. Bryant and the Lakers dismantled Denver in a four game sweep, and now they are moving

They came in to the post season as the favorites in the West, but many people thought they could be beaten. After dismantling the Nuggets, not many are still doubting the Lakers chances.

Bryant will most likely be the MVP this year, for a team he did not even see himself playing for all season. He now is content, and so are the Lakers and their fans. With only three more series' to go, Bryant and the Lakers are getting closer to their championship goals.

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