Jimi Hendrix Jamming
Jimi Hendrix has long been considered by many to be the greatest guitar player of all time. His version of the Star Spangled Banner at the Woodstock Festival is still played all the time.

Hendrix will soon be seek playing more than just the guitar. A lost sex tape involving Hendrix has been turned over to porn video giant Vivid Entertainment. The company plans on releasing the video on DVD.

"This new movie shows that Jimi Hendrix could have been as great a porn star as he was a rock star. he could clearly play more than just
his guitar," said Vivid Co-Chairman, Steven Hirsch.

To make sure that the person in the video was Hendrix, Vivid officials brought in someone who could verify the rock star. Infamous rock groupie Cynthia Plaster Caster was called to check the authenticity, and she acknowledged that it, indeed, was Hendrix.

Caster once set a plaster mold to Hendrix's penis. The video reportedly shows Hendrix frolicking with two brunettes. The tape is fort years old and has been given to Vivid by a rock memorabilia collector.

Photo Copyright: PR Photos