Nas Peace Sign
Rapper Nas has recently thanked Yoko Ono for, of all things, breaking up the Beatles. While others vilify Ono for the same reason, Nas takes a different point of view.

"How could you not love Yoko...? She gave us Give Peace A Chance, Imagine. When John Lennon left the Beatles, he was able to do that s**t," said Nas. The rapper also reveals his list of heroes in the new issue of King magazine.

Among his heroes are Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. Also on the list of his heroes are
legendary rocker's Lennon and Bob Dylan, along with Ono.

Nas went on to say that he believes that if it had not been for Ono breaking up the band, Lennon would never have penned any of his hits from his solo career. He believes that the side of Lennon that was shown after the group split up, would never have been seen had the band stayed together.

Nas also credited Ono for giving Lennon the courage to break away from the group and go against public opinion.

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