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American Idol May Change Format, Starting With Ryan Seacrest
By Michael Schwartz
Published on 04/29/2008
American Idol has acknowledged that the show may need some changes next year. A survey has circulated and the consensus is that FOX may be looking for ways to bring viewers back.

Seacrest May Get More Or Less Face Time Depending On Survey Results
American Idol had their lowest rated show in five years last week. It still was the top watched show of the week, but with viewers not tuning in as they used to, changes could be on the horizon.

FOX has reacted rather quickly to the lower ratings. They have put out a survey to viewers, asking a wide range of questions about the show.

The questions range from whether viewers would like to see more or less of the show's host Ryan Seacrest, to possible format changes to the show. One of the questions was "Suppose the first few weeks of 'American Idol' started in Hollywood with flashbacks of the auditions?, Would that increase or decrease your enjoyment of 'American Idol'?"

The questions covered a wide variety of topics from the show. One question asked whether viewers would want to see more or less of the judges. FOX is looking for overwhelming responses to the questions. Any split down the middle will probably result in no changes.

The show is discussed every year when it has finished. At that time, changes for the show's format are contemplated, and if an agreement is reached, the changes are made. This year, the show had a new set, and new lead in graphics.

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