David Beckham Soccer
David Beckham was brought to American soccer for one reason. To make the game relevant in the American culture. Up until now, it has been a slow start to that mission.

On Saturday night, Beckham's teammates saw what the rest of America soon will, that his presence is strong enough to make a difference.

Landon Donovan scored three goals in a game against Chivas USA, and the Los Angeles Galaxy won 5-2. Donovan credits his strong game to Beckham.

having David healthy and fit has taken pressure away from me and also provided me with some good chances," said Donovan. Beckham had an assist on one of Donovan's goals.

Beckham was signed to the Galaxy in hopes of elevating the game of soccer in America. He was lured away from his club team overseas, and he and his wife, Victoria, has had no problems adapting to the Hollywood lifestyle.

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