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Gwyneth Paltrow Denies Snubbing Her Own Party
By Dominique Sanchez
Published on 04/28/2008
Gwyneth Paltrow has denied accusations that she skipped a party that was being thrown in her honor. The Iron Man star, reportedly snubbed her family and friends who were in attendance at the party.

Paltrow Eats Dinner, Goes Home Instead Of Attending Party

It had been reported that Gwyneth Paltrow decided not to show up to a party that was being thrown in her honor. The actress has now slammed the report, claiming she was never going to the party in the first place.

The party was being thrown by Paramount Pictures in appreciation of the help Paltrow has given to promoting Iron Man. Cocoon in London was the location of the party, and the studio spared no expense.

Thirty of the actresses closest friends and family were invited to the party, including her in laws, Anthony and Allison Martin. They are the parents of Paltrow's husband, Chris Martin, from the band Coldplay.

Instead of attending the affair, Paltrow and Martin went and had a bite to eat with Iron Man co-star, Robert Downey Jr.

In response to the reports of her snubbing the party, a spokesperson for Paltrow said, "Gwyneth was never meant to attend the after party. She was at a taping of the Jonathan Rose show (a British talk show) which ran late and then she went home to be with her children. Everyone was told weeks ago that she would not be attending."

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