Paul McCartney Waving
Paul McCartney may have not been done grieving when he met his second wife, Heather Mills. The marriage to Mills did not last long, and was reported as being abusive.

Now that the drama of the divorce finally behind McCartney, he will be moving on with his life. Part of the healing process will be to write a book about the love of his life, his first wife, Linda.

McCartney has allegedly met with London publishers and is discussing writing a coffee table book. The book would include intimate details of his life together with
Linda. Friends of the singer believe the book will be good for McCartney.

"Times have been hard for him recently with the divorce from Heather. He's delighted he can focus his mind on something else. He sees this as a special tribute to Linda's memory," said a close pal of McCartney's.

Linda was a photographer, and the news of the book corresponds with the opening of an exhibition of Linda's photos. The exhibition is at the James Hyman Gallery in London. It is the first major showing of her work in Britain.

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