Madonna And Guy Ritchie
Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie are planning on expanding their family. Although the adoption process of Malawian David Banda has been a challenge, Madonna still is ready to adopt another child.

"I've been fingerprinted about twenty times and undergone psychological evaluations and I think everybody who goes through adoptions has to do this. I'm not alone," she said.

An adoption hearing is set for next month in Malawi, 18 months after she took custody of three year old David. Madonna was honest in the way she her case has been handled by
social workers.

"I've been visited every six weeks by social workers who come into the house and make sure that you're being a good parent and that David's health is thriving. And (the social workers) ask you all kinds of evasive questions and you have to put up with it and endure it," she said.

Cambodia and Palestine are the two areas that Madonna is targeting for her next adoption. While the adoption process has taken a toll, it has not deterred her from wanting to adopt again, "....I would do it again," Madonna said.

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