Ashlee Simpson and Peter Wentz
Over the course of two days much was revealed about lip-singing sensation, Ashlee Simpson, and her fiance, Peter Wentz. The most exciting of the revealing news is that Ashlee is skinny. Wait, that isn't that exciting.

The excitement of her being skinny is only exciting to some blogs and entertainment news sites because there were rumors that she was pregnant. Her skinniness confirms this to not be true. The rumors of  her pregnancy were so far off-base that it is funny. It was thought that she may be pregnant because she announced her engagement to Peter Wentz. That's it. Get it? Neither do we.

In our opinion the rest of the couple's news is more exciting. Both Wentz and Simpson announced that they are big cry babies, sort of.

Wentz revealed that for the next four weeks he will not moan. His band mates complain constantly of his whining and Wentz
admits it is a problem. It is so much a problem that the rocker said he will go four weeks without moaning in an attempt to break the addiction.

He says, "I've been trying to take a month-long break from complaining, the problem is that all these things I need to complain about keep happening!" That sucks Peter!

Ashlee then announced that she knew she was in love with Peter because every time he would leave her she would cry.

"There were lots of moments (she knew Peter was the one) but when he would leave I would cry," Simpson said.

And the funnest of the couple's news; while away on a Costa Rican vacation the two claimed they were constantly robbed by monkeys that would sneak in through their window at night. The desk clerks told the couple that monkeys like shiny objects.

The monkeys robbed them blind! We told you this was big news.

Photo Copyright: PR Photos