Siegfried And Roy
Siegfried and Roy, two illusionists who have enjoyed elaborate careers in Las Vegas where they performed their shows, are at odds with former employees.

The two are allegedly fuming over "The Secret Life of Siegfried And Roy", a book that was written by former employees. The book levies several claims that the duo were partaking in wild sex orgies.

The other allegation in the book is that the duo abused their stage animals, a charge that both have denied. Louis Mydlach, Jimmy Lavery, Jim Mydlach, and
Henrietta Tiefenthaler are the ex employees who wrote the book.

The two have denied the allegations and claim that the book was done purposely to get back at them. They have called the book, "a vicious smear job", and claim the authors are "disgruntled ex-employees."

The authors of the book are claiming that the white tigers that were used in Siegfried and Roy's act were frequently harmed. The book also claims that the two would cruise beaches looking for men to pick up and have sex with.

Photo by PR Photos