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A Tribe Called Quest Reuniting For Rock The Bells Tour
By Lou Baker
Published on 04/24/2008
The 'Rock The Bells' tour has a history of bringing bands back together to perform. This year will be no different with A Tribe Called Quest reuniting to headline the tour. The band has not been together in six years.

Pharcyde Will Also Reunite For Tour
A Tribe Called Quest have not performed together in six years. They had better get on the same page quickly. The group will be reuniting to headline an upcoming tour.

The 'Rock The Bells' hip-hop festival is set to take place again this summer. The tour has convinced the members of A Tribe Called Quest to reunite and headline. This is not the first time the tour has brought popular groups back together.

Rage Against The Machine and the Wu-Tang Clan have been persuaded in recent years to get back together for the tour. For A Tribe Called Quest, they are looking forward to performing with each other once again.

The two bands that are reuniting are not the only ones who will be joining the tour. De La Soul, Rakim, Nas, Mos Def, and Raekwon, from Wu-Tang Clan, will also be performing.

The tour is set to star in Chicago on July 19th, and is set to tour throughout the summer.