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Amy Winehouse Brawls With Taxi Driver, Paparazzi Covers Bill
By Brian Andrews
Published on 04/23/2008
Amy Winehouse is apparently back in her self destructing mode. The singer was spotted screaming at a taxi driver who was looking to get paid for a ride.

Winehouse Arrives Home With No Keys, Cash
Amy Winehouse is no stranger to the paparazzi following her around. She is, however, not used to them paying her taxi fares for her.

Winehouse reportedly got into a battle with a taxi driver after spending a night out in Camden, North London. She took the taxi home from her night out.

When she arrived home, she realized that not only her cash, but also her keys were missing. She exited the cab and proceeded to her house to try and break in through the garage.

The driver approached her for his money after a while. At that time, Winehouse began screaming obscenities towards the driver. She also was reported to have tried to strike the man.

Eventually, she gave him forty dollars. The only problem was the fare was eighty dollars. The photographers who were shooting the incident, pooled their money and paid the difference for Winehouse.