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Stephen Glover, better known as 'Steve-O' from MTV's reality show 'Jackass', was arrested on March 3rd at approximately 5am on suspicion of drug possession.

Apparently, the 33 year old was trying to nettle his neighbor by smashing holes into his wall that connected the two apartments. He won the battle of annoyance, but ended with an irate neighbor making a citizens arrest.

Soon after the cops arrived they reportedly found a small amount of cocaine in Steve-O's
possession. He was immediately taken into custody.

The famous prankster had posted bail, a whopping $20,000. Shortly after release, he checked himself into UCLA's 'loony bin' for psychiatric treatment.

Now clean and sober for 44 days, Glover pleaded not-guilty through his attorney, Barry Sands, in the felony case of cocaine possession.

Steve was seen in a Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday looking all grown up, dressed in a suit. A massive improvement from his usual clothes-less attire.