John Smoltz
John Smoltz has been a steady pitcher at the top of the Atlanta Braves rotation for a long time. While he has only won one World Series with Atlanta, he still has been a reliable source of innings for the team.

On Tuesday, he reached one of the milestones that great pitchers are judged by, he eclipsed the 3,000 strikeout mark. Smoltz watched last year as his ex teammates Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine reached milestones.

This year it was Smoltz's turn. He came into the
game on Tuesday against the Washington Nationals as one of the best statistical pitchers in the league so far this year. The game itself, however, did not turn out so well for Smoltz and his teammates.

They lost to the Nationals, but that would not diminish Smoltz's individual achievement. The crowd in Atlanta gave Smoltz two standing ovations.

"Today, for one single moment, it was an incredible feeling," said Smoltz. Of all active pitchers, only Maddux has more strikeouts than Smoltz. Maddux has 3,287.