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Yoko Ono Fighting To Keep Rare John Lennon Footage Private
By Michael Schwartz
Published on 04/23/2008
Yoko Ono will resume her legal battle next week to keep private moments of John Lennon clear from the public. She is hoping to keep rare footage of Lennon from being released.

World Wide Video of Lawrence Claims Copyrights To Footage
Yoko Ono is once again going to bat for her late former husband John Lennon. Ono will be in a Boston court next week to try and keep rare footage of Lennon from being distributed.

Ono claims that she owns the right to the footage, which has been rumored to have scenes of Lennon's private life. The footage is said to include pot smoking and bedroom scenes.

World Wide Video of Lawrence is counter suing on grounds that they own the copyright to the video. They claim in their suit that the footage was stolen eight years ago from one of their offices.

The outcome of the case will have an effect on Beatles fans everywhere. Just last year, Rolling Stone called the footage, "the most awesome John Lennon footage you'll never see".

The company that claims to have the copyright to the video is planning on releasing "3 Days in the Life", which, like the title, centers on the three days in the life of Lennon. The video that is being debated was taken just weeks before the Beatles split up in 1970.