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Michael Moore Stands Behind Barack Obama for Change
By Brian Andrews
Published on 04/22/2008
Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore is backing Senator Barack Obama for President. On Monday, an emotional ranting on his website explained why Obama should be America's next leader. Moore is hoping that today Pennsylvania will agree.

Filmmaker Michael Moore Backing Barack Obama
Michael Moore is encouraging the country to stand behind Senator Barack Obama for President. He is hoping Pennsylvania voters will make the same decision as they cast their votes for the primary today.

On Monday, Moore praised Obama in an emotional ranting found on his website; an essay on why Barack Obama should be our next leader.

He states, "What we are witnessing is not just a candidate but a profound, massive public movement for change... My endorsement is more for Obama The Movement than it is for Obama the candidate."

The 54 year-old Oscar winning filmmaker berated Hillary Clinton in the same rant on his website.

"Over the past two months, the actions and words of Hillary Clinton have gone from being merely disappointing to damn-right disgusting," Moore stated.

Although Michael has been less than satisfied with the Democratic party for failing to end the war, he is impatiently awaiting November 4, 2008, when he can check the box on the ballot that has the big "D".