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Miley Cyrus New Risque Photos Leaked
By Amy Ryan
Published on 04/21/2008
Miley Cyrus has another round of racy photographs that leaked onto the Internet to deal with. Posing in a suggestive manner is unlike her good girl image that teens around the world adore her for. This might be the making of a new naughty image for this teen starlet.

New Miley Cyrus Racey Photo Scandal
Miley Cyrus, more commonly known as her 'alter-ego', 'Hanna Montana', is having to deal with another racy photograph scandal.

The 15 year old starlet's first batch of suggestive photos were taken with another girl at a one of their slumber parties. To some people, she was just acting like normal teenage girls do when behind closed doors, poking fun at sex and pretending they're all grown up.

The press took a different angle saying the photos were too suggestive, especially for someone her age. Miley was quick to defend herself. "They're nothing bad!" she said.

Her risque photos have since been forgotten, and people have moved on, sticking their noses into the lives of other celebrities. That is until now.

New sexy photos have come out of the woodwork and have been leaked onto the Internet. She is seen in one picture sprawled across a teenage boys lap, suggestively exposing her bra. In another picture she is pulling down her shirt to reveal her green bra.

The press has been drooling over Cyrus' new photos, not because they are hot, they are hot, but because she could possibly be the fresh meat the media has been looking for, our brand new Britney!