Clinton n Obama Chat
The Pennsylvania primary has been hyped for several weeks by the media. With the voting only two days away, the two candidates are making final preparations for what could be the primary that ends the race.

Barack Obama has cut into Hillary Clinton's lead in Pennsylvania, according to several polls. The Senator from Illinois is hoping that he has made up enough ground to walk away from Pennsylvania as the clear choice for the Democratic nomination.

Clinton has been clinging to hope that a big win in Pennsylvania could gain her the momentum necessary
to stay in the race for the long haul. With more and more support among super delegates being given to Obama, Clinton needs a landslide victory in Pennsylvania to keep any hope.

Many Democrats believe that Clinton should already have conceded the race to Obama. These Democrats feel that the party is being hurt the longer the two candidates battle each other.

On the Republican side, John McCain is using his time to take jabs at both Clinton and Obama. With the two candidates focusing so much on winning their parties nomination, not much time has been spent opposing McCain.