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Britney Spears, estranged pop icon, has had her share of ups and downs in show business. Stardom at a young age, and the heavy, exploitive media that follows, might have played a role in her extreme and impulsive actions shown in the past couple of years.

Shaving her head on a whim, spending time in the loony-bin, and having her two sons taken from her because of drug accusations, is just scratching the surface of Britney's turmoil. But sources say Spears is a trooper, and she is still as talented as she ever was.

Spears made a guest star appearance on the CBS hit sitcom, 'How I
Met Your Mother', on March 24. She played a receptionist working at a dermatologist's office, and her receptionist character fell for Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radner. Sources said Britney, as well as other cast members of the show, had a blast working with one another.

 'How I Met Your Mother' usually averages 9.7 million viewers an episode. The night Britney appeared on the show, it ranked as the fourth highest show of the evening with 10.7 million viewers watching.

Critics say Britney made a 'slam dunk' performance that evening. So much so, rumor has it CBS has asked her back to shoot one more episode.